About Us

We are a veteran-owned, majority-female, family-friendly business. We believe in redemption. 

Our coloring books and puzzles are illustrated by artists incarcerated in prisons throughout the United States. Who would have thought? Who knew men and women serving hard-time have the aptitude for writing and drawing meaningful children's illustrations and stories? Accept our invitation to browse our Black Awareness Children's Books and Puzzles, designed to boost self-esteem and motivate Black children toward goal-setting and STEM careers.


Illustrators / Artists

Convicts, criminals, misfits striving for rehabilitation are putting their signatures on steppingstones to academic and life success via prison writings and art. Their work depicts powerful illustrations of Black scientists, scholars, and history makers contributing to the prosperity of America. These titles are fun-filled, informative learning resources, age-appropriate for children nine + years old, focusing on cultural enrichment, personal development, and STEM careers at an early age.

Support the creative work of prisoners and ex-prisoners, reformed and seeking redemption.

Learning Science, Technology, Engineering,
Math, and Black History

Children are excited to learn about the world they live in, learning math, science, problem-solving with puzzles, and coloring books! 


Science Technology Engineering Math & Black History, this volume, opens the door to worlds of knowledge, adventure, and fun for children...explained in child-friendly language.